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business-peopleDesign/Implementation of RIM programs

We develop and implement a complete information management system regardless of media – content is what matters.

A complete information management program includes maintenance of active and inactive records, retention schedules, destruction of records, vital records protection and disaster recovery. Records are an integral part of a company’s operations, and good records management practices are essential to ensure maximum profitability and to protect the company. A successful Information Management program will:

1. Identify and control records from creation to final disposition.
2. Identify, protect and maintain all vital records.
3. Establish retention periods for all company records to prevent premature destruction and/or to eliminate the storage of obsolete records.
4. Save hard dollars by implementing information management processes tailored to the needs of the organization.
5. Prevent or assist with litigation by having the right information available at the right time.

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Retention Schedules

PacoTech’s experienced consulting team develops a records retention schedule to ensure the proper stewardship of its information resources throughout the entire life cycle, from creation to final disposition.

The retention schedule is the backbone of a RIM program. Proper retention procedures are used to research and produce the schedule. All appropriate regulatory agencies, as well as federal and state laws that govern a company will be researched and those mandates applied to each record series. All schedules will also be sensitive to the organizational needs of each client.

The PacoTech consulting team can help develop vital records policies and contingency plans to ensure continuity of the business activities of its clients in the wake of unexpected disaster.

After being identified as vital information, records are protected by utilizing off-site storage facilities, on-site vault storage, physical dispersion, electronic storage and separation of vital records from their source or location of origin, and by the maintenance of redundant records.

Utilizing these principles, the client can feel secure knowing that its legal and financial position, as well as its operations, can be rebuilt rapidly and thoroughly following an unforeseen disaster. Adherence to a logical vital records protection and disaster recovery program will ensure the preservation of the rights of the organization, its employees, customers, and stakeholders.

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Policies and Procedures

PacoTech can help organizations develop sound policies and procedures regarding the management of their information.

Our records management knowledge base ensures that each client’s information management processes will be tailored to meet that group’s specific needs.

PacoTech creates procedures deemed necessary by the client. These instructional materials will help client personnel better understand the records management functions and requirements of their organization. Written documentation of such processes will provide an organizational history that will greatly assist future employees with learning about their group’s information culture and will help to mitigate the negative impact experienced with the loss of knowledge caused by employee turnover.

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We can assist clients in conducting RIM audits.

Reasons for monitoring and auditing records systems include: ensuring compliance with the company’s established standards; ensuring that records will be accepted as evidence in a court of law should this be required; and improving the company’s performance.

Records authenticity, reliability, integrity, usability, and security are routine audit points. Auditing to insure adherence to the records retention and destruction policy is a major part of all audits. Vital records protection coordination with the corporate Business Resumption Plan is essential and should also be monitored routinely.

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PacoTech staff is available to train the client group’s information management staff with regard to both general records management principles and organization-specific directives and processes.

Training staff on records management principles and records retention and disposition issues continues to be a challenge for many companies. PacoTech can provide trainers for either one-on-one or group sessions as needed and can work with clients to develop training materials and schedules.

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