Electronic Data Management

Software Technology Consulting

PacoTech consultants are familiar with major information control software applications and platforms as well as emerging technology.

Expert analysis and assessment of each client’s software needs will ensure selection of the best possible package of software applications and hardware equipment. The resultant systems will be sensitive to customer needs with regard to functionality, compatibility, integration, and cost-effectiveness. PacoTech is not affiliated with any software supplier guaranteeing that recommendations are based on client needs alone.

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EDMS/ERMS Analysis and Solutions

PacoTech will identify areas of concern then prioritize the most critical areas. This in turn identifies the records creation requirements and identifies any opportunities to integrate records capture into processes. We will assist the client to identify the proper stakeholders to support the project to ensure a successful project outcome. Understanding the organization’s culture and the context of work processes is essential in developing and implementing a successful solution. We will establish and identify goals and strategies of the organization, then recommend tasks in order to implement the solution.

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Document Management

PacoTech can develop electronic imaging systems for its clients to help manage electronic data.
The competitive advantage realized by the timely access to important information make implementation of imaging programs cost effective for today’s businesses.
PacoTech also provides on-site staff to expedite electronic imaging activities including scanning physical records, verifying images and indexing each image for easier retrieval/document control.

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